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Client Reviews...
"I cannot say enough about Svein Groem and how he was able to turn an almost impossible situation into a positive one for my wife Frances and me. Our home was headed for certain foreclosure when Svein contacted us. I told him about our situation and he assured us that he could help stop the foreclosure by doing a short sale of our home. He had to deal with one of the most difficult mortgage companies in the business and yet he turned our situation in thirty days and got us $2,500 for moving costs. And the way he handled the situation was incredible. He was a gentleman and very professional during the entire process. Thank you Svein for all you did for us."
   - C. Childers
"I had an excellent experience with Open Door Real Estate. The service was not only professional, but personal also. The firm listened to, and accepted my input. This also wasn’t as easy as a typical transaction usually goes. There were some dynamics that had to be addressed and worked out. The assistance and patience I received from Svein was in large part the reason for the success of this difficult transaction. We received a fair price for the condition of the property. The closing was handled in the most Seller friendly manner possible. I thank Stacie for all her assistance. Additionally, I would like to acknowledge the staff at Open Door, and I know there were others behind the scene that assisted to make this a success sell. All of this is the hallmark of a stellar organization."
   - D. Rose
"Svein Groem was an excellent representative and consultant for our RE purchase. If my wife was not a Realtor, I would highly recommend him to my friends!"
   - D. Miller
"Svein was our realtor and he was very helpful to me in a situation that I have never been in before. If I had a question he had an answer, if I didn't understand he would explain it to me. He was very helpful and I would suggest his services to friends. Reasonable price and good service, couldn't ask for more. Unless it was to actually have him help move. Just kidding. Thank you."
   - C. Wood
"Svein has been absolutely fantastic in all aspects of the process from potential foreclosure to sale with over 30 prospects by looking at our home. To say his efforts were in line with hopes and expectations would be a very gross understatement. The results are far beyond any that we could have hoped for initially. My wife and I being separated created much extra work and effort by Svein. He handled it all with the grace, ease, and friendliness that I am sure all can appreciate about this. A quality person I have enjoyed knowing and a tireless, motivated agent. Thank you Svein!!!!"
   - T. Branski
"When my husband and I made the decision to purchase a home two states away we turned to the internet for helpful web sites. Svein’s site was excellent, offering many search options and tracking features. We found several homes and Svein responded quickly to my inquires. His colleague enabled us to purchase a home the same day it was offered due to her knowledge and quick response. Thank you Svein!"
   - M. Johnston
"Thank you Svein. I really appreciate your hard work!"
   - A. Blea
"Amazing business transaction! I will recommend Svein to friends & family."
   - R. Copeland
"It was great working with you. You never lead me on, you were up front, this was important and I enjoyed working with you on the sale of my home. Will always remember you and will let anyone know buying or selling about and Open Door."
   - H. Cole
"Svein, Thank you for all you did on behalf of my Mother, sister and I! Your professionalism really made a difference for all of us. "
   - M. Galan
"Svein was curtious & helpful. He returned phone calls and emails. He helped me settle the sale of the house."
   - O. Pozy
"Svein was easy to work with from the start. He was in control of the entire transaction and reassured us when things were in doubt. Very personable and professional."
   - B. Miller
"Thank you so much for all your help. We really appreciate everything you did to get this short sale accomplished."
   - B. Barker
"As far as my experience working with all of you, I loved how you all kept each other in the loop when communicating with one another including me, I couldn't have been more impressed!"
   - K. Luetjen
"Svein did an outstanding job for me and I would recommend him to all of my friends and family."
   - S. Arbuckle
"Svein was instrumental in helping sell my home in McKay Landing. I have lived here for many years and love this neighborhood. When it was time to sell I knew I needed to move quickly. Within a couple of days of being on the market I received a great offer on the property and within a month my condo was sold at a very competitive price. Svein was very responsive, reliable and responsible. He helped me understand the process and what was expected of me as well as negotiated a great price. I couldn't be happier with my real estate agent, Svein Groem!"
   - S. Rzepecki
"Svein did a great job guiding me through a very tricky deal. We encountered several obstacles along the way and he was able to navigate me through them with ease. I really appreciated Svein's tenacity to get my deal done. He took the time to really get to know the current market and guide me to a great deal. Svein really had my best interest at heart. I will definitely recommend him to my friends."
   - J.V Etta
"We worked with Svein to sell our townhome in Broomfield. We felt comfortable with Svein from the outset as we knew Svein had a great history of selling homes in our area. At the same time, We were bracing for a long process because we were selling in December - the worst time of the year. We connected with Svein on a Friday evening to list the home, knowing every weekend counts. The next morning we had showings scheduled for 11 AM and 2 PM. The next day we had additional requests to show the home - AND an offer from the previous days showings that matched the highest comparable sale in our neighborhood! We accepted the offer and Svein helped us smoothly navigate to closing date. Svein made some suggestions early in the process for some minor updates that we feel were influential in our house going under contract so fast. We were so grateful for this, to be done showing our house quickly and during this time of year. Thank You Svein!"
   - N. Crothers
"This is the first house we’ve bought with Svein or Open Door Real Estate. Svein really built a lot of credibility with us throughout the process. Svein steered us clear of a house early on, knowing that we hadn’t really understood what we wanted yet. Svein told us the house we were looking at wasn’t a bad deal… but it wasn’t a great deal and he felt we were just starting to understand what we wanted. He urged us to see more houses and he had 12 comps in the neighborhood for us to see the next day. After seeing the comparables we agreed we needed to keep looking. Upon finding the house we did eventually purchase, Svein was much more comfortable with that being the house for us. That said, he still provided comps in the immediate area to walk through. At that point, we felt very comfortable with this house and moved quickly to place an offer, writing it up that day. Svein was meticulous through the timeline of the contract. The first thing we did upon going under contract was to get all contract dates on our calendar and while doing so, Svein explained what each date meant. Svein was able to provide references and advice on inspectors - all of whom were professional, courteous, available, and affordable. Svein helped maintain the deal when our bank had some last minute processing issues. A less experienced agent may have allowed this to stop the deal. Svein was adept at getting the house back under contractual terms immediately until my lender was able to get the proper documentation to move forward with the loan. Ultimately, Svein guided us through this process as our advocate. There was never any doubt in our mind that he was working for us, not himself, and that he had our best interest in mind. We will work together with Svein the next time we need to purchase a home. Without Svein, I’m not sure my wife and I would have found our dream home at a price we could afford. I think some other agents would have allowed us to settle and compromise where Svein urged us to keep looking. We are eternally grate"
   - S. Bowie
"Svein was exceptionally responsive with our evolving real estate interests and updated automated searches for us several times. When it came time to bid on a property he showed insight into what the sellers where likely interested in and we beat out the other bid. But the ultimate test of a real estate agent is not when things go well, it's when they go wrong. When the sellers left the property in a disastrous state, Svein went out of his way to rectify the situation immediately. We really appreciated his work ethic, responsiveness and knowledge throughout the process, Svein is fantastic to work with and we learned he has that reputation with the financiers, inspectors, contractors, and others we worked with as well. "
   - C. Roy
"You worked hard and diligently to sell our home in a very short time period. You are a professional and thorough and we truly would not have sold this house if not for your hard work. Thank you! Well done! You're awesome!"
   - L. Stirts
"Svein is the best of the best! In working with Svein, it was evident that he cared about finding us the right home rather than just A home. He spent countless evenings and weekends showing us many places that fit the scope of what we were looking for. He is always accommodating, knowledgeable, and organized. We look forward to working Svein again in the future and you should too! "
   - M. Fabian
"Svein did an excellent job leading us through the real estate process to purchase our home on Shoshone. He scheduled showings at all times to accommodate our schedule and was very patient as we looked for the perfect home for our family. He helped us consider location, price, investment and future needs. Additionally he educated us on the process and due diligence of purchasing real estate so that we felt comfortable each step of the way. "
   - J. Tracy
"Svein did a fantastic job and communicated well. I would recommend Svein for other real estate transactions. "
   - G. Harrison
"I thought Svein was great. He answered all our questions. He informed us very well. He represented us well. Great professional. "
   - M. Seaton
" Our experience with Svein Groem demonstrated that he is an excellent realtor. Our situation was high-stress, and high-pressure, but Svein made it easy and fun. We were relocating to Boulder for a job, and wanted to buy before arriving in Boulder. Svein helped us get the most out of our 5-day visit, giving us his full attention. In advance of our trip, he reached out to the community to identify unlisted houses that might be a good fit for us, in addition to the houses that were already listed. He gave us his undivided attention while we were with him looking at each house. During our tours, he would listen to what we liked and didn't like about the houses in order to identify where we should look next. Even though the market was extremely competitive, he was calming and encouraging, and he never pressured us to put in bids on houses until we were really sure about what we wanted. He gave us critical advice amidst other buyers’ competition that led to us getting the house that we really wanted. We would highly recommend Svein to anyone who needs a realtor in the Boulder-Denver area. "
   - N. Hammer
"Svein was the perfect realtor to work with. He was always looking out for our best interests and truly wanted to find the right house for us. He's extremely patient, trust-worthy, and responsive. His history and experience were invaluable in helping us to find and purchase the right home."
   - D. Vande More
"I was amazed at how smoothly and successfully the condo sale went. Svein was able to negotiate top dollar for the sale and I couldn't be happier with the whole experience!"
   - M. Schulte
" My wife and I have only great things to say about Svein's professionalism and overall performance during the sale of our home. We considered listing the property ourselves, but fortunately we found Svein. He is intelligent, charismatic, and extremely skilled at his profession. Not only did he relieve us of considerable burden while respecting our timeline and general wishes, but he also reached a much better price than we ever anticipated. As a former skeptic of realtors, I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone selling their home. "
   - J. Florance
"Thanks so much for all your help! Everything went exceptionally smooth & painless. All advice was spot on!"
   - G. Gravina
"We are relocating from Illinois to Colorado. I found Svein on the internet when looking for a realtor with relocation experience. Svein was great to work with. He was attentive and responsive to all our requests and questions. Since we were not familiar with the front range, it was very important for us to have a realtor that was knowledgeable regarding the pros and cons of the different areas. Svein was definitely that realtor. Not only did we find a house that met our needs in an desirable area , but he was able to help us obtain qualified professionals for home inspection, structural analysis and remodeling assistance. He also negotiated a price that was better than we expected. We closed remotely in November and Svein was there for us to do the final walk through and get keys and instructions forwarded to us. The whole buying process went so smoothly. We would recommend Svein to anyone looking for a great realtor."
   - J. Nelson
"When we decided to shop for a new house, Svein was highly recommended as a great agent. Once we started working with Svein, we found Svein to be very professional and very patience. We never felt any pressure from Svein to make a decision. As a result, we looked at many many houses before we finally made an offer. When we did make the offer, Svein ushered us through the process and saved us a fair amount of money by advising us about market values, inspection issues, etc. Svein also sold our old house. Because our old house was in the mountains, it took considerably longer to sell than a house in Boulder proper. Again Svein demonstrated the necessary patience and we finally found the right buyer. All and all, working with Svein was a great experience and we highly recommend him! "
   - C. Crothers
"Svein has been so helpful with the sale of my house. The sale was quick and smooth. Svein was very interested in helping and keeping me informed of all the procedures."
   - H. Green
"Svein was awesome at helping me find a new home promptly and making sure the process was smooth."
   - H. Greene
"Svein was the best realtor we have ever worked with. He also made the entire process a pleasure. He understands the extremely volatile market, and was able to guide us quite proficiently through finding and buying a house even when we didn't know where or what we wanted when we met him right after arriving in Boulder. He is a wonderful, responsive communicator. He returned calls and emails very promptly and answered questions completely. If we ran into any issues during the house-hunt or escrow - and there are always some, aren't there? - he was able to help resolve them in a simple, direct way. We would recommend Svein to everyone!!"
   - B. Tregaskis
"Svein, Is surely the Ninja realtor. In such a hot market knowledge and responsiveness is critical. Svein can help you find the best fit, best deals and lock them up quickly. His back end contract knowledge is invaluable. It keep things on track and on schedule. We sold and bought inside 2.5 months. I am greatful and could not imagine success with out Sveins help in this market."
   - B. Van Ausdale
"Svein was standout. I was considering two paths going in: buying or building. He patiently and thoroughly took me through the options, showed me many examples of each type, and listened to my feedback. I decided to buy land. He was organized, calm, and collected, despite some major problems with the lender. I would recommend Svein to anyone. I have already recommend Svein to my parents."
   - N. Hofmeister
"Svein has been an enormous help. He was patient, knowledgeable & perceptive about our search. We were not only looking for a house but we were making a difficult relocation from another state. He made sure to not let us jump into something without considering other options. He was a wealth of information as to which areas to focus on and which not to based on our interests. He even showed us a couple of houses we should stay away from because they were too nice for the neighborhood. I never felt like he just wanted a quick close to make money. Instead I felt like he was educating us about Colorado real estate. By the time we actually bought a house, I felt very comfortable and knowledgeable with the whole process. For this reason, Svein will be the only real estate agent I will ever use. With that being said, he guided us in finding and purchasing another home. We had the same experience. We ended up renting out our original house also with his guidance. I feel we really lucked into such a great realtor."
   - S. Kuchta
"Svein helped us close a deal with over 12 offers on the house we loved. He provided a lot of advice to us as there was a lot about the process we did not understand. He communicated well and answered all our questions as we were first time home buyers. He always got back to my texts or emails within an hour- even just to say he is busy and will answer the questions at this time. The entire process went very smoothly and I would highly recommend him to any future home buyers!"
   - W. Hulse
"Svein was so wonderful to work with! He was always extremely responsive & took care of every detail thoroughly and professionally. We never doubted he had our best interests in mind and he went above and beyond to make sure all our needs were met- both on the sale & purchase side. We couldn't be happier with our experience & I'd highly recommend Svein to anyone! Thank you!"
   - K. Demchuk
"Have you ever wished that you had someone helping you who answers your calls and emails in a timely manner and always has your best interests at heart? Svein Groem is your man. We had to find a house long distance from Michigan and couldn't afford to constantly fly back and forth to explore. Svein videotaped two of our chosen sites, revealing serious flaws with one of them and praising the other. We ended up buying the second place without hesitation. He helped us wade through the dozens of pages of legal papers and made sure that we were responding immediately to all requests for information. He's simply THE BEST. Many thanks, Svein!! "
   - A. Hofmeister
"Svein is a hard working, honest and responsive real estate agent. He is also calm, professional and detail oriented. We worked with him for a year trying to find a house in a very high priced market. He remained positive the entire journey! When we finally found the house we loved the process was seem less! I very highly recommend him."
   - K. McConnell
"New to the USA and Boulder area we were unsure whether to continue renting or buy property. We had been watching the market for a couple of months and decided to take the plunge. A friend referred us to Svein and we are so glad that we reached out to him. The whole experience from viewing the property, making an offer, signing contracts (all of which happened within 5 hours) and completing the sale was flawless. Svein was very professional throughout the deal and was always available when needed, even after the sale had closed. Svein has an in depth knowledge of the Boulder property market as well as an extensive network of related service providers which was well needed in our case (e.g. arborists, electrician's, architects etc). Thank you Svein for educating us in the Boulder property market and for your continued support and advice."
   - D. McGrath
"My husband and I truly enjoyed working with Svein. He gave us excellent advice on what to do to prepare our Longmont home for sale and the price in which to list it. Our home was sold after only 1 day on the market and we got list price! He also assisted us in purchasing our new home. His expertise on the northern Denver suburbs was extremely helpful. We found Svein to be knowledgeable, courteous and patient!"
   - J. Branham
"Without Svein's knowledge and steadfast encouragement we would not be in our new home today. We are new to Colorado and needed someone to guide us through the process of buying a home. Svein was there every step of the way. I highly recommend him as a realtor. We are happy to know him as a realtor. We look forward to this continued relationship AND our continued friendship."
   - S. Simpson
"My wife & I were looking for a second home in Boulder. My daughter located Svein which turned out to be the best, most professional relationship that we have ever had in purchasing anything. Svein lead us through the process from finding a property, closing the deal and navigating through all the technical aspects of buying a house. We never waited more than a few minutes for him to return our calls, no matter what the reason (even with a two hour time difference). Svein was always one step ahead in preparing us for the next action that was required. When we needed help with any aspect of the process he consistently provided first rate contacts (home inspection, mortgage brokers, contractors etc.). It was truly a pleasure to have his help in navigating this high stakes process. Svein is highly recommended to work with you in buying or selling your property (5 stars). "
   - S & R. Greenberger
"Svein represented myself and my husband in buying our house in Broomfield in August 2017 and he is fantastic. He is very attentive to your needs in buying a house and is very thorough in completing the process. He will go above and beyond and is very personable. I would highly recommend you using Svein to buy or sell your home."
   - G. Redmonds
"This is the second home we have purchased with Svein as our advisor and real estate professional. He is so thorough and in addition to being on top of all the contractual arrangements, he connected us with other partners who made our deal go smoothly all around for us and the sellers. I can't say enough about how easy Svein is to work with and accessible he is at all times of the day and night. Does he ever ? He continues to earn the nickname Real Estate Ninja . Thanks Svein!"
   - J. Nepper
"Svein was very proactive in helping me market, price and sell a difficult property. When the time came to engage and negotiate with interested buyers, svein was relentless!"
   - C. Watson
"We highly recommend working with Svein! His guidance, extensive knowledge of the Boulder market, and marketing strategies resulted in us buying and selling a house within a month!"
   - M. Bernstein
"Svein is amazing. He was able to listen carefully to what I was looking for and helped me find homes within my budget. He provided great advice on what my options were and how to strategically negotiate the home I was interested in. He coached me, but let me make my own decisions. He even suggested a local lender that offered me an interest rate of .5% lower than I'd found elsewhere. After closing, I need some minor repairs and Svein again followed through with a reference. From my first meeting with him, through the entire process, Svein was professional, knowledgeable, and responsive in every way! "
   - M. Droste
"We worked with Svein for about a year looking for the perfect home in Boulder. We had a few swings and misses some our doing, some not our doing but the fact is that through it all, Svein remained composed, patient, enthusiastic and sure-footed. If it weren't for Svein, I think we would have given up completely...but we kept finding awesome properties and Svein kept his incredible enthusiasm and support in every dealing, every showing and finally through our closing which became complicated through the lender. Svein saved the day on that one, too. Svein's knowledge of the real estate market and his creative approach will suit any kind of buyer. I'm still trying to see if I can phase Svein - I believe it's not possible at this point! We will call upon Svein for any real estate transaction in the future knowing we are in great hands. "
   - L. Libner
"Svein helped us transition from our move from Sonoma, CA. He was patient and thorough, treating us like lifelong friends the entire process. We have since referred him to 6 sets of friends, all of whom have bought their new home from Svein. We lovingly refer to him as the Ninja Realtor! We love Svein!"
   - P. Sullivan
"Svein helped navigate the purchase of our first home in Boulder. In Boulder’s competitive housing market we thought it would be far more difficult. His attention to detail and positivity was something that we placed a high value on and look forward to working with him in the future."
   - V. Roberts
"Svein walked us through the intimidating purchase of our first home with patience and positivity. We didn't think that we would ever be able to afford a home near downtown Boulder and Svein helped to make that happen!"
   - D. Condon
"Svein Groem was our realtor when we bought our home and also when we sold our home a few years later in Aurora. He is knowledgeable and diligent in the realtor business. Svein did a great job researching our house and understanding what the local housing market was worth and we were very happy with the outcome. Svein pursued every lead and hustled to market our property to have great success which we did! We sold our home in eight days! Svein also gave us pointers to make our home more desirable before listing it. He is honest and dependable. We would always use him as our realtor, but he won’t move with us!"
   - C. Haberstroh
" This was my girlfriend and I's first experience buying a house and needless to say we were nervous. It is a large investment and we had heard horror stories from our friends and family members about the stress of buying a home. We were recommended Svein from my girlfriends brother and his girlfriend. They said nothing but glowing things about Svein every time that they mentioned him. Svein made time for us, made sure to do his best to get the homes we wanted to look at, spending hours looking at homes with us to make sure we got a good feel of what liked and disliked. He always recommended possible improvements and made sure to steer us away from homes that he thought wouldn't be in our best interest. He was always, punctual, polite, and incredibly upbeat. Working with him was a joy and I can say that my partner and I are in a house we truly adore. In our price range, in the area we wanted to be and we couldn't have possibly been more happy when our offer was accepted. I can also speak to Svein's ability to go above and beyond when it comes to the buying process. We saw a house on a Friday and then left the state for a wedding. While we were gone he handled all the negotiations, making sure to call us frequently with updates or to ask for permission to go forward with something and we had the house under contract in no time. I cannot say enough how impressed I am with the whole process, the number of times that my partner and I turned to one another causally joking about how we Thought this was suppose to be harder . Now we did our research, knew our price range, scouted house and made sure to do all our due diligence when it came to the scouting and buying process but we were lucky enough to have everything taken care of that we couldn't possibly do on our own. I recommend Svein to anyone that is looking for housing in the Boulder/Denver Metro Area. He did a fantastic job! "
   - A. Adams
"Svein Groem helped us sell our home within 48 hrs. Thanks to his marketing and carefully researched list price, we had multiple offers immediately and he helped us navigate the options—we ended up with an even better offer than we’d hoped for. His experience and knowledge of the regional realty market is exceptional, he is responsive and Svein always kept us up-to-date on the latest developments with negotiations, inspections, etc. I give my highest recommendation."
   - R. Roy
" Our Dec 2017 Boulder home purchase was our third home buying experience since 2003. I don't even know where to begin with the long list of compliments and praise I have for Svein. Throughout the experience, my wife & I discussed several times the stark difference in his skill, professionalism and experience in comparison to our former agents. And there was nothing in particular wrong with those folks. (1) He was a very quick study in understanding our needs and ultimately was able to define the right set of target homes for our family; (2) His advice on investment value in the Boulder area was spot on; (3) Offer/acceptance negotiation strategy and then how he handled the process - getting us to that elusive great deal ... he was truly masterful in leading us through that critical step; (4) Through escrow / contract, he guided us every step of the way - patiently counseling us through today's more rigorous mortgage underwriting requirements; (5) Svein is amazingly connected in Denver/Boulder and can assist with almost any facet of buying a new home... and was minute-to-minute responsive on everything; (6) Through the contract phase, Svein worked with us to constantly challenge the decision we had made to ensure it was the right one. Given that, we have complete piece of mind with our Boulder home purchase. Above all else, he is sincere, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. I'll work with Svein again in the future on anything related to Boulder real estate. I can't offer a higher recommendation. "
   - C. Matthews
"Svein is a fabulous realtor. He is engaginging, knowledgeable, and committed to our needs. His professionalism as our agent was apparent with every aspect of selling our house. I would highly recommend Svein to anyone looking for an outstanding agent that knows the market, has stellar experience, is personable, and can make your experience seamless."
   - K. Bowers
"We had a great experience with Svein. He went above and beyond to help with the sale of our home. Being out of state sellers Svein exuded confidence, professionalism and had our trust from start to finish. He got our home sold for asking price in shortest amount of time. We will be coming back to Svein when we get ready to move back to Colorado. "
   - K. Chandra
"Svein does an incredible job as a seller, he is extremely organized and responds faster than anyone I’ve ever worked with on pretty much anything! I will definitely be working with him again!"
   - O. Hillerriver
"We had a wonderful experience working with Svein. He is extremely knowledgable about the complexities of the market, was reassuring and quick to answer our questions, and got great results! He was also always there for us with any question or concern no matter how big or small. Svein is kind, professional, efficient, and awesome at what he does! We recommend him in the strongest possible terms! "
   - A. Lester
"Svein was recommended to us through a friend and we felt he was a perfect match right from the start. We moved to Colorado from Germany several years ago and were looking to buy our first ever home. He was very helpful and patient explaining all steps of the process to us and we never felt pushed or left on our own. We jointly looked at several properties and felt we could really trust his advice since he would put it to us straight and also advise us not to make an offer if he felt a property as not a good opportunity for us. When we finally found the perfect match for us, he managed to secure the property for us without entering into a bidding war. After closing on our new home within just three weeks of it hitting the market, we feel that Svein was the best thing that could happen to us."
   - G. Willhauck
"Working with Svein was a great experience that exceeded all of our expectations. As a first time homebuyer, it was intimidating going into the process, but working with Svein made it feel like a walk in the park. His expertise and excellent customer service gave us confidence and peace of mind. He showed great knowledge of the market, was always enthusiastic and well prepared, and gave intelligent and thoughtful recommendations. I would highly recommend Svein to anyone looking for a trustworthy, thoughtful, honest and fun agent!"
   - I. Lycke
"This is the second time we've chosen to work with Svein. As out of state buyers in 2014, we relied on him heavily to get a full understanding of the neighborhood, the local market, and the value of the home. When we chose to sell this year, we didn't hesitate to reach out Svein to help us through the process - which was once again seamless. Svein is very knowledgable, trustworthy, and fun to work with. We've bought properties in other markets and haven't come close to the same experience as we've had each time we've worked we Svein. We couldn't recommend anyone more highly!"
   - A. Jaeger
"We have worked with Svein in two real estate transactions in the last year. He has always been knowledgeable professional and a real asset to our transactions. We would highly recommend Svein to anyone looking for a realtor."
   - R. Harrell
"Svein is extremely experienced in the Boulder market and is both supportive and helpful going through all of the stages of the buying and selling process."
   - J. Davies
"Svein, who recently helped me purchase my dream home in Boulder, gave me a BIG FIVE STAR experience. I could not be more satisfied with the way Svein supported all stages/facets of the buying process. Svein is a Boulder RE insider/professional who (still) understands how to serve a client. I felt extremely comfortable with his expert advice and was constantly surprised by his responsiveness. Based on my experience working with Svein I have asked him to help me with identifying and purchasing some investment properties in and/or around Boulder. We are in the process of closing a first purchase in Louisville (under contract). Again, a terrific collaboration experience. I look forward to continuing working with Svein!"
   - P. Riedstra
"Svein is the absolute best real estate professional I have ever worked with; he was masterful in getting us the best deal, always had our best interests in mind. He really was on our side of one of the most important purchases in our lives, this new home in Boulder. I always felt he had our best interests at heart. "
   - K. Blegen-Huntley
" Svein took the time to listen to our goals and priorities as we sold our house and looked for a new home. He did an amazing job to help us find the perfect home for our family. Svein is very knowledable and resourceful and I highly recommend him. "
   - M. Oakes
"We were buying our first house and the whole process was very new to us. After meeting with 3 different realtors Svein was the best fit for us. He has a very deep knowledge of different areas in Boulder and Boulder county, with a strong detailed knowledge of the various neighborhoods and streets in Boulder. We appreciated his calm, reassuring demeanor, his patience while listening to our comments, his point of view of various houses we saw. Svein would give us his opinion about the house, the location, the value, would always keep in mind the potential resale value. Once we found the house we liked, he spent hours in Boulder planning office getting information crucial for us. During the sale process he knew exactly when to push and when to hold back and was always so calm and supportive, understanding our concerns, working hard to get all the information, resolved all the issues, making sure we are happy before we closed on the house. He is very friendly, organized, detail oriented and persistent, all of these qualities are exactly what one needs when looking to buy a house and Svein has them all."
   - H. Zarubova
"Svein is a great realtor. I’ve used him for my past two home sales and a purchase. He’s very personable and helped me get quick sales. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy or sell in the Boulder or Denver area."
   - J.V. Atta
"Svein has been very professional, easy to talk too. His knowledge made the whole homebuying experience less stressful. He is very detail oriented with strong negotiating skills. He has been very attentive to our needs. Svein will alway be our realtor for future buys or sells."
   - M. Gay
"Svein is a true professional who will guide you to the property you are looking for and who will make sure you are paying the right price. I would recommend Svein to anyone looking for a home."
   - T. Ogilvie
"Svein has sold our last 2 homes and helped us with purchasing 2 as well. With his teams tips on staging and excellent marketing your home will be shown in the best light possible. Our home in Longmont was sold in 1 day for list price! His experience and knowledge is invaluable in directing you to areas that will increase in value and in negotiating a fair price. Svein is a trustworthy partner who is simply a joy to work with! "
   - R. Branham
"Svein is the best real estate agent I know, hands down. Responsive, thoughtful, respectful. He's helped us buy two properties, another one for my parents, and a few others for friends. Can't recommend him enough."
   - H. Winner
"Great realtor with excellent knowledge of the Boulder and surrounding real estate markets. Easy to work with, responsive and dependable. Would highly recommend him for all your real estate needs!"
   - W. Glover